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[Where's Shmee?] Supercar Combos! Enzo, F12, Aventador, LP640 - Episode 08

By Shmee150

Where's Shmee? I'm travelling around Europe in my R8 Spyder, visiting some great automotive venues and events while uploading daily coverage of my trip with a friend in a Gulf Boxster. You can follow all of my latest updates right here on the Shmee150 YouTube channel! Please subscribe to see them first The 8th day of my eurotour and after some serious work to get the previous episode online a quiet day was planned but in typical Monaco fashion it was not to be! Arriving in Casino Square to 2 F12 Berlinettas and a line-up of the cars from the Top Marques show word arrived that an Enzo was parked up. I was with my friend Alexsmolik who posts YouTube videos from his hometown, Paris, and is famously a huge fan of the Enzo! The night then never seemed to end with a string of cars blasting past including a V12 Vantage, 599 GTB, Aventador, F12 Berlinetta, 458, SLS, and many more. Stay tuned for coverage of the event and more in the coming days! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Twitter: Car Blog: Camera: Sony CX700

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