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SILVER Ferrari Enzo w/ Straight Pipes Exhaust!

By Marchettino

Facebook: Twitter: Google+: It's always exciting to spot the Ferrari Enzo, but it's even more when you see it in a rare colour such as this one in silver (Argento Nurburgring), to me it looks even better than red! In the video you can see it doing some loud noise while driving around Montecarlo. Technical data - Ferrari Enzo F60 Engine - 6.0L V12 with 660hp / 657nm Performance - 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 3.6s, top speed 355km/h (211mph) Curb weight - 1,365kg Price - 660.000€ and limited to 400 units Marchettino Facebook page: Marchettino Google+ page: Marchettino Twitter page:

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