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Nissan GTR Sights & Sounds - Beauty, Exhaust, Fly-by

By EverydayDriver

As an additional piece to our recent GTR and EvoX video, here's both the 2010 and 2014 GTR in Raw video from our shoot. There's music under the beauty shots, and then the original audio from the shoot. Unfortunately, the GTR has such powerful exhausts that it overpowered our mic wind-guards in places, so some of this is not as clean as we like. This car is a beast. Enjoy. Watch the full review here: Subscribe for new Videos from us on Thursdays! If you'd like to help us do more films, become a Patron!: Our "Car Debate" Audio Podcasts is every Tuesday here: - Also on Stitcher or wherever you find Podcasts - Join us: Follow us:

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