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NEW Porsche Cayman S - DRIVING

By YouCar

Water-cooled flat-six engine; aluminium engine block and cylinder heads; four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, variable inlet valve timing and lift (VarioCam Plus); hydraulic valve lifter; direct petrol injection; one three-way catalytic converter per cylinder bank, each with two oxygen sensors; engine oil 10.1 litres; electronic ignition with solid state ignition distribution (six active ignition modules); thermal management for coolant circulation; auto start/stop function. Engine power: 239 kW (325 hp) at 7,400/min Max. torque: 370 Nm at 4,500/min -- 5,800/min Top speed: 283 km/h Acceleration: 0 -- 100 km/h 5.0 (4.9) s (with Sport Plus and PDK 4.7 s) 0 -- 200 km/h 17.2 (17.1) s (with Sport Plus and PDK 16.9 s) ►

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