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► Lamborghini Aventador Driving in the Desert

By YouCar

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Driving in the Desert Automobili Lamborghini is using a highly advanced and utterly unique technology for its new stop-start system in the Aventador. The energy for re-start following a stop phase is delivered by high-performance capacitors known as supercaps. They enable extremely fast start-up -- full V12 power is available again in a barely detectable 180 milliseconds, significantly faster than with conventional systems. And, in keeping with Lamborghini's lightweight design philosophy, this new technology also delivers a weight saving of three kilograms. The classic vehicle battery supplies only the electronic systems, occupies very little space and lasts virtually the entire vehicle life. ► SUBSCRIBE NOW: ► FACEBOOK: ► TWITTER: ► GOOGLE+:

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