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Insanely Noisy YELLOW Audi R8 - Dubai

By Shmee150

Facebook: Twitter: While in Dubai, this amazing, yellow, Audi R8 V8 arrived at the Dubai Mall. I believe it is probably fitted with a QuickSilver Titanium exhaust which sadly meant that my microphone (with a low battery) was unable to properly record the insane noise it made - although this gives you a bit of an indication! See some clips of it manoeuvring around as it is parked in the valet area, words seriously can't describe the noise this thing made! You can also hear the Aston Martin Rapide revving in front as well as seeing an SLR and the one-of-one Brabus Stealth 65 in the background. Vlogs: Camera: Sony CX700 Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro Location: Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE Thanks for watching, Tim

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