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2015 VW Golf R DSG FREESTYLIN with MotoManTV Q&A & Show Updates

By MotoManTV

Earlier today we fired up #periscope for what we thought would be a 5 minute overview of the 2015 VW Golf R with the DSG, show update and Q&A. Well, that turned into a 36 minute discussion on the car, the car industry and some show updates. We thought we would share this one here at our YouTube Channel. Let us know if you want to see more of these videos from #periscope here – we already have 17 of them. Also let us know if you want to see them in this format – with the dual layer (#periscope only shoots in vertical) or with the black bars . . . And oh yeah, follow us on #Periscope - @MotoManTV MotoMan. Ordinary Car Guy. Extraordinary Adventures TWICE A WEEK, MotoMan you on car guy adventures like going behind the scenes and hands on at factories, design studios and race tracks to unique driving experiences – everything from the latest cars to military prototype vehicles. EACH MONTH, MotoMan has an informal discussion with the key people shaping the car industry in front of a live studio & Internet streamed audience. Connect with us via Facebook & Twitter for a full schedule: Subscribe now to experience our adventures in the car world. Check out our VW Playlist: Check out our #OptionsGame Playlist: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram – Website - http://www.MotoMan.TV

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