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2013 Lexus Hybrid vs 2008 MINI Cooper S MPG Mashup Challenge & Review

By The Fast Lane Car

( ) So which car do you think gets better fuel economy: A tiny 5-year-old MINI Cooper S convertible or a big brand new all-wheel-drive Lexus Hybrid Crossover? We decided to find out by by mashing up a MINI Cooper S convertible with a brand new Lexus RX 450h Hybrid in a MPG challenge and review to see which of these two vehicles is the most fuel in real world testing and driving. The tiny MINI is supercharged, it has a 6 speed manual transmission and it will set 4 in a pinch while the much larger and heavier Lexus has a much bigger and powerful 6 cylinder engine paired with electric motors, batteries, all-wheel-drive, a CVT and of course much more room and utility. Which one of these vehicle sips less gasoline. Find out by watching this video.

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